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Producer Profile: Monte Tondo

By Angus Hunter: March 1, 2013

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Soave is an Italian wine produced in an area near the city of Verona. Within Soave there is both a DOC and a DOCG, known as Soave Superiore. Only white wine is produced in this region with a minimum of 70% having to be the Garganega grape and an allowance of 30% to be Trebbiano di Soave. We were privileged to have Marta visit us, from Monte Tondo, to talk us through her wines.


Soave Mito - £8.95

Soave Classico - £12.95

Casette Foscarin - £16.95

Foscarin Slavinus - £19.95

Pinot Grigio - £9.95

Nettare di Bacco, Recioto di Soave - £17.95


Monte Tondo is a family owned vineyard that has been bottling their own wine since 1980; previously they had been selling grapes to a co-operative. They are passionate that their Soave should be 100% Garganega, and with exception to Casette Foscrin all their Soaves are. In 2006 Monte Tondo opened the doors to their B&B, the perfect place to really enjoy their wines and see how they are made.

Monte Tondo are proud to produce wines from any of their 25ha of vines planted all over Soave in the various zones of Soave.

Soave Mito is their entry level wine produced in 5ha of Soave DOC. 100% Garganega the Mito is an extremely fresh wine with an intense nose of peach and a wonderful acidity. A perfect everyday wine!

Soave Classico is produced in a smaller denominazione within Soave, Soave DOC Classico. Again 100% Garganega this wine has hints of almond on the palate, still maintaining that wonderful freshness. The vineyard is on ‘Monte Tondo Hill’ which is shown on the label.

Monte Tondo produce a second wine from the Soave DOC Classico denominazione, however Casette Foscarin contains 10% Trebbiano di Soave. When Monte Tondo inherited this vineyard the previous producer had planted Trebbiano di Soave vines throughout the Garganega vines. Marta and her family kept the vines to keep the history of the vineyard intact. This vineyard also has small houses throughout which the farmers have used for centuries to allow them to harvest right up to darkness and avoid walking back to the village. This is the first wine that Monte Tondo age before selling; 6 months minimum in bottle which adds a lovely richness.

Foscarin Slavinus is the only wine Monte Tondo produce within the denominazione Soave Superiore DOCG Classico. 100% Garganega this is a late harvest wine, end of October early November. Left to 30% fermentation in steel tanks the wine is then moved to oak barrels for 25 days before it is moved back to tanks for the remainder of the year and aged in bottle for 6 months before going to market. This is a truly fantastic wine with an unbelievable richness, a palate full of peach it is certainly a wine that wouldn’t disappoint any wine lover or sommelier alike.

Monte Tondo also produces a Pinot Grigio which has all the characteristics of Pinot Grigio but in a Soave style. Their first vintage, Monte Tondo planted the 1ha of vines 5 years ago but have been selling them to a co-operative up until now. After being rested on its lees for 12 hours it is then fermented in steel tanks – this resting on its lees is where it gets in encapsulating hints of bread crust.

Nettare di Bacco,  Recioto di Soave DOCG is Monte Tondo’s sweet wine. Picked at normal ripeness the grapes are left to dry for 3 months with a slow fermentation. The wine is matured in old Tonneau (600 L) for 3-4 years before moved into steel tanks to finish fermentation. Fantastic floral nose with hints of burnt orange peel Nettare di Bacco would complete any dessert!


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